AASB 119 - ELE Discount Calculations for 12/13

Let us provide your ELE Discounting for Year End

AASB 119 - ELE Discount Calculations for 12/13

Postby ken on Tue Jul 01, 2008 7:04 am

LG solutions proivde an ELE Liability Calculation service with a 12 hour turnaround.

All we need is for you to fill out our attached 10 point ELE Data Collection Form (in excel) and email it back to us - we take care of the rest!!

Once we have your data, we return a pdf document that includes your data, details our assumptions methodology and actual caluations and sets out your AASB 119 LIabilities for ALL of your Leave Liabilities (incl. ELE on costs of Superannuation and Workers Compensation) broken up by class & current/non current.

Your ELE calculations have never been easier! :lol:

The above service is available on a Council wide caclulation basis for $300 + GST!

If you want to take up our service for your 30/6/13 ELE Balances, all you have to do is download our ELE Data Collection sheet below, fill it in and email to us when you're ready, and we'll take care of the rest!
Download the YE 12/13 ELE Data Collection Sheet here
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Example ELE Discount Report to Council
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LG Solutions

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