Client Feedback


We pride ourselves at LG solutions in going the "extra yard" with all our client Councils to ensure our products & services give maximum value for money.

We thrive on feedback, and to date are very proud in what our Councils say...

Client Council feedback we have received:

On our Newsletter, LG "Debits & Credits"

"I have recently been appointed as the Group Financial Accountant at Council. Can you please kindly include me in your LG "Debits & Credits" mailing list? My boss mentioned that the newsletter is really helpful & I would like to receive the "good stuff" too!"

"Just read the April edition of LG "Debits & Credits"…it's on the money as usual !!!!"

"Our Council has been subscribing to LG "Debits & Credits" for some time now and from my perspective, each edition just gets better and better. Keep it up !!!"

"Thank you for your monthly LG "Debits & Credits" newsletter, they are a great source of information for staff within Council"

"Always good to have a fresh look at what we do and present via the newsletter"

"Thank you for your valuable information in your newsletters … you are the best in the industry"

"Your LG Debits and Credits publication is terrific and has been of great assistance over the years"

"I get tremendous value from Debits & Credits and look forward to it each month (sad really!)"

On our YE Templates

"…well done on getting the option 4 templates up and running…its going to be a great addition to what was already a really good product."

"The pre audit format pdf's all came through and they look fantastic! Thank you very much"

" I appreciate the "pre audit" audit you guys do picking up some of my errors. Great service as usual"

"Many thanks for your help and your brilliant templates - always makes the job SO MUCH easier!"

"Option 4 is fantastic, the model worked really well, great job guys."

"The post audit pdf's look fantastic as per usual"

"Thanks for a top effort there guys with Option 3"

"Thanks again for your expedient (pre/post audit formatting) service and assistance (and advice) throughout the annual statements process"

"Once again complements on the YE Templates"

"Thanks very much for your great overnight pre audit service"

"As usual, the templates are fantastic"

"Option 4 is a great product, has made my life a lot easier - only a small Finance Team here at Council so the more things are automated the better."

"The "pre audit" format pdf's arrived. - my thanks goes to you both…they look splendid"

"As a fist time user, I just wanted to say thanks for the financial statements. The format looks really good."

"Your pre/post audit format service is great and very much appreciated. Thank you for getting the pre audits done so quickly and at such short notice. I’m very grateful"

"…you’ve made some great changes to this year’s templates which will make them even easier to use."

"I again wish to express my appreciation for the excellent presentation of the YE Templates and also the outstanding service provided by Manuel and yourself during the end of year process.  As I have advised before, the LG Solution Templates are the best reporting templates on the market and deserve the level of usage in the LG market place and its ever increasing market share"

On our ELE Discounting Service

"…we had such success with the ELE that you calculated for Council."

"… can't tell you how much your help with the ELE calculations has been appreciated this year."